Shane & Toni, Auckland

November 11, 2017

We have been working with enableMe Takapuna for the last 18 months; before we joined enableMe our financial situation was alright. A year earlier we had purchased our first house in Hamilton with a goal to build up the equity and buy a family home in Auckland. Our mortgage wasn’t structured in the best possible way and no matter how much we saved we just seemed to be floating along not getting anywhere with our mortgage or savings. We were getting frustrated that no matter what we did with our money we thought we were never going to get into our own property in Auckland. Then on a drive home from work one night an ad appeared on the radio for enableMe and we both thought that this is something we needed. We described our situation as starting out.

Our first meeting with Katie and Shelley was an eye-opener for us and instantly we knew that this program was right for us: it was a ‘no-brainer’ to sign up. They told us straight away that we could have our mortgage paid off in 5 years instead of the 30 years that we were currently scheduled to pay it off. Since working with Shelley our frustrations have disappeared, we’ve become more structured, disciplined and in control of our money, whilst still enjoying the little things in life and maintaining a healthy outlook on our finances.

We have now been working with Shelley at the Takapuna branch for 18 months and couldn’t be happier. We’ve even purchased our first house in Auckland. We are extremely pleased with the service enableMe has provided us with and highly recommend them. We cannot wait to see what else we achieve in the future.

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