Kill Your Mortgage and Sort Your Retirement

August 30, 2015

Get serious about your money, pay off your mortgage quickly and ensure you have enough for retirement 'We will now pay off our mortgage in five years rather than 30 years' Kirsten & Mike Mason, Fair Go

‘It’s a relief to be working with Hannah to sort our retirement‘

Mark Leishman

The latest book release by best-selling Personal Finance author, Hannah McQueen shares her expertise so you can take control of your finances, save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest costs, and sort your retirement – once and for all.

This is a must-have guide for those who want to get ahead now.

Her unique approach to managing your money emphasises your psychology of spending and the role money plays in your relationships. Hannah does not shy away from the obstacles we all face in getting ahead, instead she offers clever tips on how cutting day-to-day costs will enable you to build a cash surplus so you have extra money for mortgage repayments. Her simple framework to calculate your retirement costs and practical solutions to sort retirement are a relief. Imagine if you could pay off your mortgage in ten years instead of 25, while still having a life! It’s not too late for anyone – Hannah will set you on the right track.

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