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Get started on your journey to financial success by booking a consultation with one of our professional coaches.

Book your first 90-minute consultation with an coach We’ll assess where you’re at, what you’re aiming for, and how we can help you get ahead faster.

This initial session costs $350+GST, but if you’ve been referred by a friend mention their name to unlock your special mates’ rates.

At the end of the consultation, we’ll recommend a programme designed to help you reach your financial goals which will be at an additional cost. Learn more about our programmes here.

The way

Prepare phase:

  1. Gather information to prepare for your initial meeting
  2. First consultation to determine your goals, opportunities and obstacles
  3. Programme recommendation

This is what’s covered by the Initial Consultation. If you choose to take on a programme we then move onto: 

Design phase:

4. Prepare a high-level strategy & plan
5. Review and test your plan to ensure it’s achievable
6. Final review and begin implementing your plan

Execution phase:

7. Regular progress reviews to track and measure progress and reset as required
8. Determine key areas of focus to maximise forward momentum
9. Annual review & recommended reset for next 12 months

Acceleration phase:

10. Ongoing maintenance and enhancements to keep the momentum going

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