Consultation FAQs

How long is the first session?

This is a comprehensive session and there is a lot to get through so please allow 90 minutes.

Does my partner have to come with me?

If you're booking a consultation for your personal finances and your finances are combined with a partner (e.g you have shared assets, debt, bank accounts, goals etc) then yes - you are both required to attend this session as it's a decision-making meeting.

If your finances are not combined, then your partner does not need to attend.

Is there a cost for this initial session?

Yes, as this is a comprehensive and personalised session there is a cost. We do offer promotional and corporate discounts so remember to indicate how you heard about to be eligible for a discount.

Are the sessions during business hours?

Yes, as professionals we are available during business hours, Monday to Friday. You can secure an appointment up to 2 months in advance and we will work with you to find a time that works best for you.