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At, we do things a bit differently to your traditional financial adviser. We’ve developed a process that ensures a great level of customer service and - most importantly - great results.


Whether you're working on your personal financial situation, or your business, we start with a no-obligation consultation to assess your current position and discuss how we could help you achieve your goals faster.

As we provide personalised advice there's a cost for this 90-minute initial consultation. Full price is $350+GST, but we've discounted this to $250+GST for consultations held before the end of 2020.  

If you've attended one of our workplace wellbeing events you may also be entitled to a discount, or if you've been referred by a friend, put their name in the 'how did you hear about us' field to unlock our mates' rates!

Should you choose to work with us, an annual membership fee applies which is based on the level of support you require. You can opt to have your meeting in person, or via video call.

If you're ready for better, let's get started! Choose whether to book a 'Personal' or a 'Business' consultation below.

Consultation FAQs

How long is the first session?

This is a comprehensive session and there is a lot to get through so please allow 90 minutes.

Does my partner have to come with me?

If you're booking a consultation for your personal finances and your finances are combined with a partner (e.g you have shared assets, debt, bank accounts, goals etc) then yes - you are both required to attend this session as it's a decision-making meeting.

If your finances are not combined, then your partner does not need to attend.

Is there a cost for this initial session?

Yes, as this is a comprehensive and personalised session there is a cost. We do offer promotional and corporate discounts so remember to indicate how you heard about to be eligible for a discount.

Are the sessions during business hours?

Yes, as professionals we are available during business hours, Monday to Friday. You can secure an appointment up to 2 months in advance and we will work with you to find a time that works best for you.