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Supporting your business to engage, retain and empower your employees, while supporting them to reach their financial goals.


Why financial wellbeing?


Money can be a significant source of anxiety. If your employees are experiencing financial stress, this will impact their work. They lose motivation, are less productive, and find it hard to focus or make decisions. They’re also more likely to look for a new job.

Supporting their financial wellbeing through workplace initiatives can help your employees become more confident about their financial outcomes and be less distracted at work.

When employees experience financial wellbeing, they:

Are in control of their finances

Feel secure and less anxious

Have the capacity to deal with financial shock

Are on track to meet their financial goals

Have choices

Have the freedom to live a life they enjoy

Why it’s important for your business


of New Zealanders are financially stressed

(Westpac NZ)


of employees believe their financial wellbeing influences their overall wellbeing

(Financial Services Council – “Money & You Report”)


hours are lost to dealing with financial issues each month



 of employers report ‘financial illness’ drives absenteeism



is the cost of absenteeism to the NZ economy

(Southern Cross Workplace Wellness report 2021)


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