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First Home Buyers Worksheet


If you’re looking to buy your first home, you may be feeling a little bit daunted – there’s a lot to consider!

So, we’ve designed this worksheet to help you out. It highlights some of the key things you need to consider when buying your first home, and where you may be able to find help to make the process a little easier.

Preparing for the unexpected


Some life events we can plan and budget for. But others take us unawares – and derail our financial progress.

So, what goes into preparing financially for the unexpected?

Download this worksheet to see some of the things you should think about and put in place to ensure your financial flanks are protected if something unexpected were to occur.

Sow the seeds for a bountiful financial future


To help you get started on your spring planting, here’s a quick checklist of what you should review today to set yourself up for a bountiful financial future.

Financial Fitness: Your guide to getting ahead


Money is supposed to help you live the life you want and allow you to reach your financial goals pre- and post-retirement. Yet this perfect point of balance eludes most people, and many of us assume they’re incompatible.

In this guide, Hannah McQueen, financial adviser and founder of enable.me, shares how you can get ahead financially without sacrificing the things that make you happy.

Mastering your mortgage: A guide to getting mortgage-free faster


Everyone wants to pay off their mortgage. After all, it’s one of the most significant financial goals you can achieve! And yet, getting mortgage-free is hard to do, and it’s getting harder.

At enable.me, we have worked with over 15,000 clients in the last 15 years to help New Zealanders become mortgage-free faster. So, let us take you through what you should be considering to master your mortgage, get mortgage free faster and maximise your opportunities!

Wealth Creation in New Zealand: Your Journey to Financial Success.


Did you know that 55 per cent of New Zealanders* say they are struggling with their financial situation? Many people dream of building wealth, but few bring their dreams into reality.

Often, this isn’t the result of unrealistic expectations, but an uncertain pathway to achieving their goals. By understanding wealth accumulation options throughout your lifetime, you can create a strategy to build the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

Moneyfit.me Cash Controller


The CashController is simple to use, just fill in the sections for both Income and Expenses, and you’ll get an instant snapshot of your current cash surplus or deficit.

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What our clients say about their experience with enable.me

"Paul Cho always explains his advice in terms I can understand. He created an environment and rapport where he’s able to challenge me to look critically at my spending habits, goals and previously held beliefs of what might be possible. I have much greater financial literacy, and feel much more financially empowered and motivated since working with Paul."
Paul Cho's client
"Best thing we have ever done. Great to see exactly where your money is going and the progress we are making with our mortgage. We are very grateful. Thank you to the team."
Elizabeth Blake's client
"We have been amazed at what a difference restructuring our banking has made to paying our mortgage off quicker."
Nadine Higgins' client
"Roger is just fabulous! He listens to us and has our end goals at heart. We would not be in the position of having options if it wasn’t for Roger and the enable.me team. Best decision and investment we have ever made. Thank you."
Roger Swift's client
"enable.me has made us more aware of our spending and what the possibilities are when it come to our finances and paying off our mortgage. We are extremely excited about what we will achieve in the next few years."
Alisha Brady's client
"I liked that Kristin was thorough, didn't judge my spending habits, and made me feel like I've got options. She also explained things in ways that were easy to understand."
Kristin Sutherland's client
"I like that it was a personalised service. My consultant was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions with clarity & non-judgement. I was able to establish some clarity for my goals in the timeframe."
Kristin Sutherland's client
"Hannah was very approachable and easy to talk to. We didn’t feel like we were being told off or made to feel we had been doing the wrong thing, but how we could turn things around and make things better."
Hannah McQueen's client
"I like how the plans are able to pivot when life requires, and how excited our coach seems to be helping us achieve our goals!"
Justin Gauci's client
"Having an independent person review our spending is helpful in regard to knowing what is normal or excessive. My husband is more likely to listen to our advisor than his wife."
Dianne Barlow's client
"enable.me has really helped me keep on track with my financial goals. We have a great relationship with our coach, who gives us amazing, honest advice and keeps us accountable. I believe without the help of enable.me we would not have purchased our first home. Thank you!!"
Corrie-Ann Jones' client
"I appreciate that it's completely personalised to me and my circumstances, not a cookie cutter one size fits all."
Nadine Higgins' client
"It's always a great experience talking to my financial coach, I tell my friends she's like a magician with money."
Karyn Grindlay's client
"We just need to tell you that Matt is amazing! He listens and we always get precise and honest guidance on our current financial situation and strategy for the future. We couldn't do without him. Thank you, Matt!"
Matt Buckeridge's client
"I liked the format from setting up the first meeting (and having the option to choose the person I wanted to meet with) to the follow through following the first meeting. The dialogue during the meeting itself was insightful and easily provided me with a strawman for how I could achieve my financial goals. I also did not understand how much of the heavy lifting would be done by the team for me. Hearing that was like being given a glass of cold water on a hot day."
Hannah McQueen's client
"I felt there was no judgment from the advisor I had my initial meeting with. She listened to me and by asking further questions was able to lead into deeper conversations. I also felt safe speaking with her and feel confident moving forward with what I want to achieve."
Lisa Butler's client
"Personalised, informative, scary but in a positive way. No hard sell, just facts & data."
Kristin Sutherland's client