Mastering your mortgage e-book: A guide to getting mortgage-free faster

Money is supposed to help you live the life you want and allow you to reach your financial goals pre- and post-retirement. Yet this perfect point of balance eludes most people, and many of us assume they’re incompatible.  

In this guide, Hannah McQueen, financial adviser and founder of, shares how you can get ahead financially without sacrificing the things that make you happy.

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What’s inside?

  • $Split loans, revolving credit and offset loans: We dive into what these are and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • $Tactical options: There are many tactics to consider as part of your overall financial plan. We explain what these are and when they might be beneficial
  • $Strategic options: These are the building blocks of financial success when you work with This goes beyond tactics and looks at habits, cashflow, debt, insurance, etc
  • $Making a plan and supporting you to succeed: The expertise, financial plan and skills that an coach will equip you with to get on top of your mortgage – faster

“Over half of all mortgages are due to be refixed over the next 12 months – with many facing a leap from 2% to around 7%*.”

“With a $600,000 mortgage at 7.19% over 30 years, the total amount you will pay back is $1,464,721.”

“Real tangible progress is made when you have a financial plan and you stick with it, working with a coach for support, guidance, and accountability.”

  • *Source: and

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