Investment Specialists

Get specialist advice in managed funds investing and diversify your investment plan.

Discover different investment opportunities

Property isn’t your only investment option. Managed Funds offer a great opportunity to grow wealth through diversifying your investments across a range of asset classes – without having to do the heavy lifting.

Get expert investment advice

Our dedicated investment specialist will work with your coach to provide a dedicated session on how managed fund investing fits into your wealth growing plan and assess which approach fits best with your requirements and risk profile.


During this session, they’ll:

  • Answer questions about investing – market performance, volatility, appropriate asset allocation (growth vs defensive), inflation and fees
  • Model the impact of different asset splits
  • Assess the least amount of risk/return your plan requires to meet your financial goals
  • Understand your risk appetite and whether this aligns with the risk requirements to meet your goals
  • Review any existing managed funds and their returns

Taking everything into account they’ll create an investment plan that meets your risk profile, investing timelines and preferences, and determine how the investment plan may be impacted by changes in your circumstances.

Meet your investment specialist, Nicki

Nicki Morsink

Head of investments

The combination of’s core services & investment advice is the perfect union – clients will receive high quality, personalised planning and well-structured diversified investment options.

We work with Synergy Investments

We established investments in partnership with Synergy investments a discretionary investment management service (DIMS) provided by Consilium NZ Limited.

Supporting more than 15,000 investors, Synergy is led by a team of industry-leading investment professionals and have $6.9b funds under management.

As our investment provider, they:

Invest funds on your behalf and manage all the administration

Offer 33 portfolio options to suit different risk profiles and investment styles, and provide access to investments you couldn’t access on your own

Closely monitor the portfolio – replacing and rebalancing the portfolio to maintain a constant risk exposure over time

Provide regular performance, valuation and tax reporting as well as an online view of your portfolio so you can keep track of your investment

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“Being mortgage-free is a major milestone for us…There is absolutely no way we would have achieved this without the help of They push you (but not too hard!) to be brave. It’s been fantastic to have people in our corner giving expert advice. A seriously life-changing experience!” client
“Lisa was open and honest with us. She builds rapport quickly and effectively”
Lisa Butler's client, Wellington
“Lisa is non-judgemental, very kind and has a real passion for helping people be the best they can be.”
Lisa Butler's client, Wellington
“Laura-Lee is personable and really willing to make this work for us. I’m excited about this programme”
Laura-Lee Whyte's client, Canterbury
“Loved her honesty. She has a great financial background and understood the direction I wanted to go with my financial plan”
Laura-Lee Whyte's client, Canterbury
“Love that she didn’t show any judgement. She provided flexibility and understanding so we could get the best outcome for our future goals”
Laura-Lee Whyte's client, Canterbury
“Professional, expert, non-judgemental, friendly, understanding – the whole package!”
Katie Wesney's client, Auckland North Shore
“Katie is fantastic, focused on what we can achieve & has really made us understand how our money can work for us”
Katie Wesney's client, Auckland North Shore
“Katie is brilliant to work with because she goes on the journey alongside you – she understands you & what will work best for your family”
Katie Wesney's client, Auckland North Shore
“I love how supportive Julie is. I always fear I’m going to be told off for not doing well enough, but she always shows me great respect and is so encouraging”
Julie Nadan's client, Auckland Central
“Julie knew exactly where we were and our major blockers, there was no need to feel awkward – it was truly like meeting your coach”
Julie Nadan's client, Auckland Central
“I can’t believe you got away with saying that to my partner!”
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“I was energised by the potential that Hannah was able to unlock”
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“I thought I was pretty good, but there is no way we could have achieved what we have done with you”.
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“You empowered me to achieve something I never thought possible”
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“When Covid hit, I knew we’d be OK because Liz has got us!”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“Your guidance has given us the confidence that we can make informed choices about things like changing careers, upgrading our home, and how long I can stay at home with our baby”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“You gave me peace”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“Elizabeth is so fantastic; we feel really lucky to have her on our side”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“Ray was professional, but also laid back – which really helped our nerves!”
Ray McKeown's client, Auckland Central
“Importantly, we did not feel any judgement about our current financial situation. Ray clearly outlined what’s possible for us to achieve, and we’re confident that we will have the support to meet our goals. We should have done this years ago”
Ray McKeown's client, Auckland Central
“Nicki was very good to deal with and made sure I understood everything she said”
Nicki Morsink's client, Southland
“Nicki was excellent. She had a difficult couple to manage but got my husband on board - amazing!”
Nicki Morsink's client, Southland
“Love Nicki’s energy, positive reinforcement, and suggestions to change things around to work better for us”
Nicki Morsink's client, Southland
“I liked that Ngaire didn’t pass judgement. She made me feel very proud of my achievements and that I’m on the right path to success”
Ngaire Peek's client, Southland