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by | Dec 18, 2023 | Managing Your Finances

One of the greatest benefits a client receives from working with enable.me financial coaches is their ability to leverage experience to create – and reach – ambitious and personal financial goals across different life stages.  


Our financial coaches believe in the profound impact of personalised guidance on the path to success – financial and otherwise – with many of them engaging coaches in their personal lives to maximise their potential. 

The enable.me coaches don’t work in generating sales, they work in generating success – below you’ll hear insights from a few of our coaching team into how they do what they do best, and why they love working with their clients every day.  


Elizabeth Blake – Why Coaching Is More Than Just Numbers 

“I love coaching because there’s a direct link between coaching and improved outcomes. We can help them get there faster, better, in a more ambitious way, or in a more effective way.” 

“For me it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the relationships and about building a trusting, authentic relationship with integrity, and that’s the beauty of coaching.” 

“Working with a coach is a bit different than just working with a financial adviser because you’re being guided, supported, encouraged, and held accountable. That is one of the key components of success.” 

Katie Wesney – What I Love Most About Coaching 

“I love being a coach because I love helping people. Everyone has different hopes and dreams and I love that we’re empowering them to take action. I love being on the journey with them.” 

“Often, it’s about making sure they understand what’s possible. Lots of people don’t understand their capability; everyone can do better when they understand opportunities and have the confidence to act.” 

Shelley Palman – How Coaching Helps Identify Opportunity 

“Know what your limitations are, analyse your money personality, consider what’s holding you back. Understand what the opportunities are, and if you can’t identify those, find someone who can for you. Seek the advice that you need to make sure that you take the opportunity you need to be taking.” 

“I love working as a coach because it’s working out a financial plan, but it’s really understanding someone and their situation, and how we can help them to be better, going on that journey with them and being that person that helps them out.”  

Justin Gauci – The Ripple Effect of Great Coaching Outcomes 

“What I love is helping people achieve their best possible outcomes; something they didn’t think within their wildest dreams they could do.” 

“Seeing people go through the journey and their sense of accomplishment as they do it. Pushing themselves to the next thing… and they might not have even thought about the first, had they not come to enable.me.” 

“Delivering a great outcome for one person, and the ripple effect that can have to their friends or family that then meet with us and also achieve amazing things – hearing about that is quite rewarding.” 

Financial coaching toward key milestones and a clear mindset 

Across our clients, coaching has helped reshape and improve spending behaviours for better financial outcomes and long-term success – our coaches are incredibly proud of this.  

Coaching is a collaborative effort, offering a supportive environment where our clients actively participate in shaping their financial journey.  

As a result of this approach, our coaching process integrates your values, goals, and aspirations, ensuring that the strategy you commit to is aligned with your unique vision of financial success, while also allowing for volatility in the process.  

This means that when you have setbacks (which you inevitably will), your strategy will allow for this and help you course correct. Because we know that success isn’t linear, but failure is often a result of the mental barrier to overcome unexpected curveballs or setbacks.  

So, while a coach won’t do it for you, when you work with a coach you will do it – because we’re here for you every step of the way. 

Reach out and book a consultation with an enable.me coach for $249 today (valued at $400) and take that first step in creating a future you might not know was possible.  




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