The Transformative Power of Financial Coaching: Stories of Triumph  

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Managing Your Finances

Every day, the team at witness incredible transformations in our clients’ mindsets, financial goals, and wealth accumulation, made possible by the dedicated guidance of our expert financial coaches.  


Like any other business that aims to help people succeed, we love hearing about the positive impact we’ve made in the lives of the people who seek out our services.  


Success stories from clients 


Below, we’d like to share just a few of the success stories we’ve been a part of, offering a greater insight into how our coaches do what they do best, and the incredible, lasting impact they’ve made with our valued clients. 



Scott and Hayley didn’t think they could buy property in Auckland 


“We decided to sign up and we’ve been three years into it – it’s been going really well. We didn’t ever think it was possible to purchase property in Auckland. We’ve recently just built and moved into a place. We wouldn’t have been able to do that at all, or this early on, without doing things through and having a plan” 



Ashlee & Simon were living month to month without a plan 


“I really needed help controlling and understanding my finances and my financial position. I was definitely one of those people at the end of the month, I’d have no money left. Or five days before pay day, I’ve got $3 – what am I going to do?” 


“With purchasing our house – one of the reasons I love – this wasn’t even on the plan yet, then we realised we had enough money to start looking in Auckland to purchase a home. We’re still putting money aside over the year to go on an overseas holiday – you don’t feel like you’re missing out.” 



Robyn & Greg thought coaching would restrict their comfortable lifestyle 


“They broke it all down and said ‘you could potentially pay your mortgage off within seven years, and you’ll save around $600,000’ so it was a bit of a no-brainer. We’ve been with for three years – now we’re about 12 months away from paying off our mortgage.”  


“We’ve also managed to squeeze in a renovation in that as well and kept up a comfortable lifestyle. We were a bit concerned we were going to feel we were on a really strict budget, that we wouldn’t have a life, but it hasn’t been like that at all.” 


Michelle & Stephen weren’t aware of their financial potential 


“Working with a coach has been great. They just keep you on track, they keep you accountable. It’s given me something to focus on into the future and I’ve seen genuine results.” 


“I’ve seen the spreadsheet, I know it’s based on good formulas, and I know all the math behind it, so I know this will work. I wish everyone would know this because I think the impact that it’s had on us has been so massive. A cloud’s been lifted, and I feel like there’s sunshine and it feels so different.” 


How coaches help you reach your potential 


These testimonials illustrate the tangible successes achieved by our clients through the transformative power of financial coaching.  


No matter what stage of life you are: 


  • A young professional saving to get on the property ladder. 
  • A successful couple wishing to manage their spending and get a financial plan so they can invest in a second property and grow their wealth. 
  • A parent approaching retirement and hoping to support their children while maintaining a comfortable retirement. 


We ensure financial coaching is personally tailored to meet your distinctive goals and aspirations. 


Understanding the nuances of varied spending habits sets us apart. financial coaching considers your money mindset and the psychological, cultural or social triggers that may be impacting your spending and saving behaviours. It’s about navigating individual intricacies, to help clients make well-informed financial decisions aligned with their unique aspirations. 


Remember, the decision to engage in financial coaching isn’t limited by financial status or life stage; it’s a choice that’s available to many of us to unlock our financial potential and create a secure financial future. 


Take that first step towards transforming your financial journey. Reach out and schedule a consultation with an coach today.  

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