Lucyanne and Dimitrious, Auckland

January 31, 2017

My husband Dimitrious and I have been with enableMe for one full term and have now started our second term. We came across enableMe by watching Fair Go with Hannah McQueen presenting. Instantly we knew we had to investigate this further. So I called and was set up with a meeting with Dianne Barlow.

Dianne is a pleasure to work with; we are so happy with her service. Whenever we go into our meetings with her, we always come out feeling refreshed and organised. I really believe in the enableMe product and any opportunity I have, I share my experience and I am only sad that my family and friends haven’t taken the further steps to book their own meeting. However as great as your product is, I believe the relationship that we have built with Dianne has been far more superior. It is hard to trust someone with your finances and not to feel judged on what your spending habits are. We fell off the bandwagon and was dreading our meeting with Dianne, but she never judged us, she picked us up and we moved on; looking at what we can do better. Dianne has been a wonderful financial trainer, a lovely lady who has helped us tremendously. We are forever grateful for her help.

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