Lucy and Simon, Takapuna

January 11, 2016

My husband and I have very different attitudes to money… I believe that happiness is derived directly from shoe and handbags, whereas he is a pathological saver! This made for a bit of financial disharmony, as you can imagine.

We went to EnableMe as we wanted to undergo a ‘financial reset’ and establish some tangible goals that we were both happy with. Katie was absolutely fantastic. She was hugely diplomatic when my husband and I bickered in the first meetings and she helped us find a middle ground that we could work towards.

We also wanted to consider buying an investment property and she negotiated a fantastic mortgage rate for us, plus a cash contribution that more than paid for the year’s enableMe fees.

3 months on and we are smashing our financial goals. However, another unexpected benefit has been the effect on our marriage. We are now totally open and honest with each other about money, and the weekly planning sessions we have filling in our financial spreadsheet have made us even closer as we now have a common goal.

Thank you Katie – you’ll be seeing more of us!

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