Jean & John, Wellington

November 20, 2017

Signing up with enableMe has been life-changing!

We approached enableMe because although we earn a good income we, like many other New Zealanders, found we were spending just a little more than we earned. We wanted to reduce debt and pay off our mortgage more quickly. With guidance from Lisa and the team, we found we could still enjoy a nice lifestyle but vastly improve our financial position at the same time. Having worked out a budget that allows us to still enjoy holidays, meals in restaurants, outings etc and by prioritising debt repayment over savings (although we still managed to increase our KiwiSaver balance quite considerably) we saved ourselves many thousands of dollars in the first 12 months.

The best part about being on the enableMe programme is how easy it makes life – we don’t have to worry about whether we can/should afford to spend money. We know exactly how much every week/month/year we have allocated for various types of expenditure, so buying what we need or want is now totally guilt-free. If we ever have a question or doubt about something we can email or ring Lisa and get it sorted out ASAP. And PocketSmith has been wonderful – the feedback and encouragement it and Lisa provide are invaluable. We have recommended enableMe to several friends and family, who have told us that it’s been a real game-changer for them.

Thanks enableMe for taking a huge weight off our shoulders!

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