Interest Rates Update: Fixing now is not for everyone

December 10, 2015

Interest Rates Update – Friday 14th December 2015

Contrary to what has been reported in some of the mainstream media in the last 24 hours, now may not be the best time to fix your home loan onto long-term rates.


Although there have been some downward movements on floating rates, it often takes a few weeks for any significant movement in the medium to longer-term fixed rates. One bank has reduced their 2-year fixed rate already but, as yet, there haven’t been further reductions.


What is the alternative?

As always, even when rates may be moving downward, the enableMe ethos remains: you will always save more in interest costs by managing your money well and having your lending structured to your specific situation rather than chasing the lowest rate.


How does this impact my enableMe plan?

If you are currently in an enableMe programme and are contemplating securing one of the current fixed rates, please take comfort in the knowledge that rates are not likely to be going up in the foreseeable future and you would be best served to look at this around mid-January 2016; please contact your consultant around this time.


How can enableMe help me?

If you are not a current client of enableMe, then we encourage you to please contact us on 0800 897 898 to book in for a consultation in the New Year, to review your personal plan and mortgage situation. Make 2016 your best year yet!

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