Katie Wesney

Director & Strategic Coach


Katie Wesney

I’m a huge advocate for our enableMe service as I’ve seen how it empowers people and gives them the tools to get in control of their personal finances.

I love helping people achieve more than they thought possible and watching the tangible benefits this change has to their lives.

One of my favourite success stories was Jeremy and Sarah, who worked with us to kill their mortgage 8-10 years earlier than they thought possible. This allowed Sarah to change jobs and allowed a huge positive lifestyle shift for them. They were an absolute joy to work with.

I’ve got a young family with three small children and I’m passionate about improving New Zealanders’ financial literacy, so we all can do better together as a country in the future.


  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ. 
  • BA and BCom in Accounting and Commercial Law from the University of Auckland. 
  • Registered Financial Adviser <link>

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