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Director & Strategic Coach

Elizabeth Blake

“I truly believe enable.me can change people’s lives for the better.”

Managing Director

Hannah McQueen

“It’s time for New Zealanders to be more ambitious.”

Strategic Coach

Ray McKeown

"Once you know what you're aiming for, you improve your chances of hitting the target. Think of us as helping you set your sights."

Strategic Coach

Justin Gauci

“I am passionate about helping people achieve their true financial potential”

Performance Coach

Corrie-Ann Jones

"I've experienced first-hand how enable.me's approach can help make people's financial goals achievable & their dreams come true"

Performance Coach

Julie Nadan

“Let us be your lighthouse, guiding you towards financial freedom.”

Performance Coach

Siaosi Andy

“If you feel that you are getting comfortable in life, get uncomfortable, because you are not progressing.”

Performance Coach

Nadine Higgins

“I went from fan, to client, to employee and now I’m all of the above!”

Administration & Support

Stephanie Hoffman

“I love that we are empowering people to turn their dreams into their reality”

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