Would you like to be one of 20 clients to test Moneyfit and have your say on its development roadmap?

Moneyfit is an enable.me app being built with the client-coach relationship at its core.
Currently it allows you to categorise and sync your income and expenses with your bank*, but has more functionality to come, including:
  • Real time tracking for your enable.me coach on your cashflow 
  • Budget syncing from your enable.me coach
  • Notifications
  • A web version to compliment the mobile app
We are asking a select group of enable.me clients to try out Moneyfit and provide feedback so that we can make Moneyfit work better for our clients. The Beta programme involves you trialling Moneyfit and providing feedback about its usability, functionality, and any bugs you encountered.
We are committed to delivering an app that not only replaces PocketSmith but provides a real-time lens on your cash flow for you and your coach, so you can make better financial decisions.
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