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At we want to help you achieve your financial goals so you can unlock the freedom to live life on your terms.

Find your local coaches coaches are the best in the business. They offer innovative solutions to help you reach your financial goals and live life on your terms, no matter where you are along your financial journey.

With 10 offices located across the country, you’ll be able to find a local coach who can help you achieve your financial goals in person, or via video call.


Find your local coaches coaches are the best in the business. They offer innovative solutions to help you reach your financial goals and live life on your terms, no matter where you are along your financial journey.

With 10 offices located across the country, you’ll be able to find a local coach who can help you achieve your financial goals in person, or via video call.

Auckland North Shore

Katie Wesney

Director & Strategic Coach

Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Commercial Law)
Bachelor of Arts
Chartered Accountant

Katie Wesney brings intelligence and empathy to her role as an strategic financial coach – not to mention the energy of a category-5 hurricane!

She prides herself on always being the hardest worker in the room – and when she applies that work ethic to your financial situation, there will be no stopping you.

A Chartered Accountant, financial advisor and businessowner, Katie has more than 20 years of experience working in New Zealand, Europe, and the US – across, accounting, investment banking and consulting firms.

But it’s in changing the lives of Kiwis where Katie has found her calling – she loves working with people from all walks of life to help them unlock their financial potential.

It’s no exaggeration to say Katie’s clients wax lyrical about her. If they have one complaint, it’s that they would have like to have met her 10 years earlier!

Katie strives to be the kind of financial coach you’d recommend to all your nearest and dearest – and that’s exactly what her clients do. Auckland North Shore Disclosure

Shelley Palman

Strategic Coach

Financial Adviser

Shelley does not mince her words – and that approach is one of the many things her clients love about her!

She’s genuine, direct, and helps her clients achieve their financial potential by not only providing great advice, but a healthy dose of accountability.

A background in corporate insolvency has given her an insight into what happens when it all goes wrong – and by contrast, now relishes the positive impact she has on people’s lives.

She loves seeing the penny drop for a client, when they realise their plan is taking them where they need to go.

Shelley forges great relationships with her clients – they know she genuinely cares, will always do her best for them, and will be on the journey alongside them.

The number one thing Shelley wants to hear you say is “I recommend you to all my friends” – praise she hears often. Auckland North Shore Disclosure

Matt Buckeridge

Strategic Coach

Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Commerce
Chartered Accountant

Matt is an experienced Chartered Accountant with a skillset derived from over 20 years operating in strategic roles across FMCG, property, manufacturing, banking, retail, and fashion sectors.

Matt is driven by a strong desire to give back and share his knowledge and experience to help others succeed and this led him into coaching.

He loves the art of big picture goal setting, then breaking this down into the achievable steps required to get the requisite outcome.

Matt has a rare ability to understand his clients’ needs and work with them to tailor a unique strategy that marries their personal and financial aspirations.

Matt brings positivity, inspiration and commitment paired with a healthy dose of pragmatism and fun to any engagement.

He loves his home on the North Shore for its proximity to the beach and the ability to enjoy activities in or on the water. Despite this he remains a firm Crusaders fan – which we won’t hold against him. Auckland North Shore Disclosure

Paul Cho

Performance Coach

Bachelor of Business – Economics

There’s nothing Paul loves more than the smile on clients’ faces when they realise their financial dreams can become their reality.

With a background in project management and key relationship management, Paul has a wealth of experience in understanding clients’ needs, and then delivering the best possible outcome.

As a financial coach, he’s committed to guiding his clients to financial stability and achieving their financial goals.

Paul understands how detrimental struggling financially can be. “It means opportunities are missed and dreams are swept away. As a coach, I’m driven to do what I can to help my clients reach their potential.”

Born in Korea, Paul has lived in Auckland since he was a year old. He loves that no matter where you are in the city, you’re just a 15-minute drive from a beach. Auckland North Shore Disclosure

Steph Tubb

Practice Manager

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Auckland Central

Hannah McQueen


Financial Adviser
Chartered Accountant Fellow ANZ
Bachelor of Commerce
Master of Taxation Studies

Once you’ve met Hannah, you’ll understand why people often describe her as ‘a financial force of nature’.

There’s no doubt as to Hannah’s expertise – her list of qualifications is long. She’s also a best-selling personal finance author, media commentator, the founder of and developed a mortgage optimisation formula with the University of Auckland’s Dr Jamie Snedden.

But what really sets Hannah apart is her ability to make financial matters relatable, help people understand what’s possible and then inspire them to achieve it.

Since founding in 2007, Hannah’s goal has been simple – to not only improve people’s financial position but improve their lives.

Thousands of clients will attest to the fact she’s achieved that in spades. Their only complaint is they wish they’d met her 10 years earlier!

With her strategic nous and boundless appetite for ‘better’, Hannah McQueen is someone everyone could benefit from having in their corner. Auckland Central Disclosure

Elizabeth Blake


Chartered Accountant
Financial Adviser
BA –Psychology

Liz’s kind, calm and reassuring disposition means you walk away from any interaction with her feeling better than when you arrived.
She understands that financial wellbeing permeates all aspects of your life, and she relishes the fact that the impact of working with her is long lasting and life changing.
A degree in and passion for psychology, along with decades of experience in the finance industry is a powerful combination that allows Liz to help her clients achieve great results – often beyond what they thought possible.
Her wisdom, life experience, and ability to relate to anyone and everyone means there’s little you could throw at her that she couldn’t help you with.
Liz is a keen traveller, avid sports fan, and – as a Wellingtonian who has come to love Auckland – a patient supporter of the Hurricanes. Auckland Central Disclosure

Nadine Higgins


Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Broadcast Communications – majoring in Journalism

My background is as a business journalist and host and later as presenter of TVNZ’s Breakfast show. I spent many years interviewing Hannah McQueen every few weeks on the television and she spoke such good sense that I decided I should go and see her.

That was the best financial decision my husband and I have ever made. It helped steer us through a period of huge change in our lives and now enableMe is helping us get ahead. I sought out Hannah as a mentor when I left television and at the start of 2018 I accepted a job with the company.

I now manage’s marketing, brand and content, including producing editorial content for enableMe; managing our social media; and handling media interviews and enquiries. My job is to ensure we are always enhancing the enableMe brand.

As a business journalist, I often did stories on the lack of financial literacy in this country and its consequences. It was frustrating because so much of the strife I witnessed could have been avoided with better advice. It’s great to now work for a company that is seeking to improve that and every day is changing people’s lives for the better. Auckland Central Disclosure

Justin Gauci


Bachelor of Business – majoring in Accounting
Financial Adviser

Having spent 10 years helping businesses achieve financial success, Justin now relishes being able to use his considerable financial acumen to help individuals get ahead financially.

With a background as a financial analyst and consultant for a number of large companies and having run his own business, he’s learnt to be adaptable and laser-focused on understanding the client’s needs.

Justin lives by the notion that “a goal without a plan is just a dream”, and his professional experience in financial forecasting allows him to optimise both his own, and his clients’ finances to ensure goals become reality.

He’s also relaxed and good fun to be around, which provides the perfect balance in a coach.

Originally from Melbourne, he now loves living in Auckland’s Waterview, exploring the local running tracks, as well as playing and coaching AFL. Auckland Central Disclosure

Ray McKeown

Strategic Coach

Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting
Bachelor of Arts – Political Studies
Chartered Accountant

Ray knows what it’s like to be the 35-year-old who can’t figure out where his money goes.

He knows what it’s like to be a 38-year-old widower & single Dad barely able to stay afloat.

But he also knows what it’s like to be the 45-year-old who has smashed his financial goals.

Ray’s depth of personal experience is matched by the depth of his professional experience –across accounting firms, big corporates, and skills organisations.

He’s energised by now being able to work directly with people to improve their lives, and loves getting their money working harder for them, rather than the other way around.

Naturally curious, Ray loves getting to know what his clients value. Not everyone wants the same things or has the same resources and Ray is able to adapt his approach to fit.

The ultimate reward for Ray is seeing a client realise that their plan is working, they’re racing towards their goals and achieving things they didn’t think possible. Auckland Central Disclosure

Julie Nadan


Financial Adviser

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant and that’s the approach Julie adopts to improving people’s financial position.

Getting sensitive matters out in the open requires a high-trust relationship, and that’s something Julie is skilled at building, so her clients feel comfortable and willing to be challenged.

That allows them to lean into the process and feel supported in making changes – and aiming higher.

She has vast experience across financial roles in professional firms and non-profits and puts huge emphasis on ensuring her clients feel heard.

Her optimistic, cheerful yet direct approach helps her get the best out of people –which ultimately helps them achieve their financial capability.

Julie loves the variety of what Auckland has to offer – beaches, walks, the theatre, and great restaurants. Auckland Central Disclosure

Corrie-Ann Jones


Financial Adviser
NZ Institute of Management certificate
Legal executive diploma

If you want a coach who walks beside you to help you tackle your financial goals head-on, Corrie-Ann is laced up and ready for the journey.

With a background in bank lending, mortgagee sales and receiverships, Corrie-Ann has seen what happens when it all goes wrong and loves that her role as a financial coach now allows her to help create the opposite outcome for her clients.

With a love of shoes, a penchant for half marathons, and having been a client of herself in the past – you can be confident that Corrie-Ann walks the talk.

As a property investor, she’s also an asset to those navigating the investment journey for the first time.
Corrie-Ann’s clients love that she’s ‘real’, listens intently and is supportive and encouraging.

She takes great satisfaction from helping people get on track, get rid of debt, relieve themselves of financial stress and start investing for their future. Auckland Central Disclosure

Siaosi Andy


Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Business – Accounting and Economics

Coming from a big Samoan family, helping others is not only in Siaosi’s nature – it’s in his blood.

Siaosi cut his financial teeth working for the IRD and while it provided him with great experience, he’s a people-person, with a heart as big as his personality –which makes him a great financial coach.

At he’s able to combine his financial nous with his deep-seated desire to help people do better.
Siaosi’s financial role model is his Dad, Andy, a hard-working man who moved the family to New Zealand, arriving with nothing.

He taught his kids to “stay in your financial lane” – advice that has served the family well.

Siaosi has a great sense of humour which helps him put his clients at ease, making them comfortable to tackle the big stuff.

A family man, Siaosi loves playing rugby, getting outdoors and spending time with his two boys. Auckland Central Disclosure

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Auckland Botany

Dianne Barlow


Financial Adviser
Chartered Accountant

Dianne’s superpower is being able to put herself in her clients’ shoes to really understand their values and goals, so she can take them on the journey to ‘better’.

A chartered accountant with three decades of experience, Dianne knows first-hand how life-changing working with can be, having been a client herself.

That means she still ‘walks the talk’ of working to a plan, tracking her progress, and employing the power of accountability!

The thrill of helping people achieve their goals never gets old for Dianne – whether that’s getting into your first home, making the final mortgage payment or being able to feel excited rather than scared about retirement.

One thing you’ll never get from Dianne is judgement – what you will get is her insight, her expertise, and a healthy dose of inspiration.

A born and bred Aucklander, Dianne loves its diversity, energy, and access to the coast. Auckland South & East Disclosure

Liz Brown Douglas


Financial Adviser
Chartered Accountant
Bachelor of Laws

Seeing the stress get up and leave the room is one of the things Liz loves most about being a financial coach.

But that’s just the beginning of a long list – to say she’s passionate about helping people realise what they’re capable of is an understatement.

Liz loves enabling her clients to get on the property ladder, clear debt, grow wealth and prepare for retirement – all without financial stress, or worrying about missing opportunities.

With a strong tax, legal and financial services background, Liz finds it hugely rewarding to be able to put her professional skill set to use in helping people get ahead.

Liz understands that true wealth is living a life you’re happy with – and that looks different for everyone.

She’s compassionate, intelligent, and inspiring – all fantastic qualities in a financial coach. Auckland South & East Disclosure

Maylyn Chai


Financial Adviser
Diploma in Personal Financial Planning
Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing

A background in both banking and not-for-profits has made Maylyn skilled in not only helping people reach their financial goals, but in dealing with the dynamics of their relationships, too.

Because finances play such a pivotal and sometimes fractious role in many relationships, this skill is one of her trump cards!

A degree in psychology also helps her to tap into what motivates her clients to stay the course
Most recently a member of’s Advisory team, Maylyn is highly skilled in the technical areas of financial advice.

Maylyn’s humble background, combined with her intuitive and empathetic nature make her a financial coach who understands the journey, listens carefully and cares deeply.

As much a fan of an adventurous skiing holiday as she is a movie night with her family, Maylyn loves life in Auckland with her family. Auckland South & East Disclosure

Jenny Gulliver


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Bay Of Plenty & Rotorua

Alisha Brady


Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Management Studies – 1st Class Honours

Helping people improve not only their financial future but their lives has become slightly addictive for financial adviser, Alisha Brady.

And you can see why, when her clients report moving from feeling stressed and frustrated to feeling positive and able to move ahead with purpose – to the point where they do indeed tell her ‘you changed our lives!’.

Alisha has a depth of experience derived from running her own business and working in investment banking, equities, portfolio management, and research in New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

That expertise is complimented by her genuine, positive, and empathetic disposition.

In her office you’ll find a poster with a quote from investment guru, Warren Buffett: “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.

That underpins Alisha’s approach to her role as a financial coach – she’s helping sow the seeds that will allow you to one day sit back in the shade. Bay of Plenty Disclosure Rotorua Disclosure

Karyn Grindlay


Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting & Finance
Post-Graduate Diploma in Commerce – Finance

Karyn combines an impressive financial pedigree with a skill for simplifying financial jargon and a passion for helping people succeed.

A career that’s traversed the big banks and business consulting means she has intimate knowledge of lending structures, knows her way around a balance sheet, and is skilled in helping clients manage their cashflow.

Her banking experience has shown her that the size of your income is not the key determinant of who gets ahead, and who ends up with lots of toys but also lots of debt!

Working as a financial coach is her dream role because she’s now able to channel her expertise towards helping clients achieve their goals.

With a friendly, calm, and caring disposition, Karyn makes sure her clients feel heard, and builds long-term relationships so she can walk beside them on the journey to a better financial future. Bay of Plenty Disclosure Rotorua Disclosure

Michelle Gear


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Emma Saunders


Lisa Butler


Financial Adviser
BSc –Economics

Lisa’s 20-years of experience has taught her that if progress requires living a life on a financial diet, it won’t be sustainable, or inspiring!

That’s why she spends time getting to know what makes her clients tick, so she can design and implement the right strategic plan to help them get ahead while still living a life they enjoy. Lisa forms great relationships with her clients while simultaneously devising strategies to improve their financial trajectory.

Lisa’s clients love that her guidance and support provides them with a clear understanding of what they are capable of. It’s especially rewarding for her when clients are surprised by how much progress they’ve made.

Practical, approachable, and empathetic – Lisa embodies the qualities of a great financial coach.
Originally from the UK, Lisa now loves living in Wellington, close to the sea, and believes every day is a good day in the capital! Wellington Disclosure

Keryn Allan


Level 5 certificate in financial services

Don’t let Keryn’s youthful looks and exuberance fool you, she’s worked in the financial industry for 15 years – providing financial advice around retirement planning, KiwiSaver, risk insurance and general insurance, as well as working as a Business Development Manager for a specialist lending company where she helped advisers secure home loans for their clients.

Born and raised in windy Wellington, Keryn lives a very active lifestyle. As one would with a border collie by their side. As well as loving to run and hike, Keryn has played hockey competitively her entire life – including as part of the Regional Masters Team! Phew!

And, she brings this get-up-and-go attitude to her sessions with clients – it will be hard to not get excited about achieving your financial goals with her infectious energy and contagious enthusiasm spurring you on.

As a coach, Keryn loves helping others reach their goals and see success – whatever success may look like to them – and she gets as much fulfilment from seeing others doing well, as she does from her own achievements.

The key thing she wants you to know? Saving is the cheapest way to buy. Earn money, save it up and then make the purchase instead of relying on Afterpay or credit cards and the costs associated with them.

She can’t wait to join you on your financial journey, figure out what makes you tick, and help you smash your financial goals. Wellington Disclosure

Ashleigh Waterman


Financial Service Certificate – Level 5
Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism Management)

If you’re ready to realise your financial potential, Ashleigh is ready to help you on the path to success.

With a Human Resources and Business Advisory background, Ashleigh has plenty of experience building relationships and coaching people through unfamiliar processes.

Passionate about sharing knowledge, empowering those around her, and a firm believer in paying yourself first, Ashleigh is ready to draw on her skills and experiences to coach you through your financial journey and get ahead.

During your sessions with Ashleigh, she’ll dig deep into your money story to get an understanding of your money habits and what’s important to you, so she can build a plan that will help you reach your goals – and make it a process you’ll enjoy.
Born and bred in windy Wellington, Ashleigh is raising 3 little kids and exploring her creative side with cake making and decorating. Wellington Disclosure

Morgan Oliver



Sarah Bayley


Financial Adviser
Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers
Bachelor of Arts – (Hons)

Sarah believes her role as a financial coach is not just to provide quality advice –but to empower you to take the wheel and get in control of your financial future.

She combines strong strategic and analytical skills from her background in banking, audit, and management roles, with her innate patience, empathy, and determination.

Sarah knows that working out what resonates with a client and understanding what makes them tick are both key steps that allow her to equip them with practical solutions, tailored to their needs.

Having operated three small businesses while raising three young children, Sarah understands the juggle, and that managing your finances well requires great systems to make the process effortless.

Sarah exercises her creative bent by cooking gourmet meals for friends, sewing and painting and loves to get into her garden.

The Canterbury region has been home to her family for over 150 years. Canterbury Disclosure


Roger Swift


Financial adviser
Certificate in Supervision & Management, Institute of Leadership & Management

Telling Roger Swift about your private financial matters is not a daunting task –because he immediately puts you at ease with his warmth, authenticity, and humour.

An extensive background in retail and corporate banking over decades in the industry both in New Zealand and abroad has failed to turn him into a finance bore in a suit!

But it has given him the experience and expertise to help clients work towards their goals faster – and he understands the emotional benefits of taking action and seeing results is hugely empowering.

Roger encourages his clients to overcome ‘analysis paralysis’ and be brave in their decisions, providing them with the confidence that he’s there to guide them, and help them do what needs to be done.

Roger loves the outdoors, a laugh, and a central Otago Pinot in equal measures.

Having lived all over the world, he believes Otago is wonderful in every respect. Otago Disclosure


Ngaire Peek


Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Commerce – Agriculture

Ngaire takes great pride in helping people succeed financially, especially when she’s able to help release them from the stress their finances have been causing in their relationships and in their lives.

Her background in banking and credit analysis both in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom has given her experience of working with a diverse number of people and cultures across multiple industries.

A brain for numbers combined with her genuine interest in what different people are trying to achieve make Ngaire a skilled and attentive financial coach.

Ngaire’s driving ambition is to help her clients get the best out of their lives.

A stint in the UK has given this born and bred Southlander a new appreciation of everything the region has to offer – the beauty, the people, the lushness of the landscape and the crisp air. Southland Disclosure

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“Being mortgage-free is a major milestone for us…There is absolutely no way we would have achieved this without the help of They push you (but not too hard!) to be brave. It’s been fantastic to have people in our corner giving expert advice. A seriously life-changing experience!” client
“Lisa was open and honest with us. She builds rapport quickly and effectively”
Lisa Butler's client, Wellington
“Lisa is non-judgemental, very kind and has a real passion for helping people be the best they can be.”
Lisa Butler's client, Wellington
“Laura-Lee is personable and really willing to make this work for us. I’m excited about this programme”
Laura-Lee Whyte's client, Canterbury
“Loved her honesty. She has a great financial background and understood the direction I wanted to go with my financial plan”
Laura-Lee Whyte's client, Canterbury
“Love that she didn’t show any judgement. She provided flexibility and understanding so we could get the best outcome for our future goals”
Laura-Lee Whyte's client, Canterbury
“Professional, expert, non-judgemental, friendly, understanding – the whole package!”
Katie Wesney's client, Auckland North Shore
“Katie is fantastic, focused on what we can achieve & has really made us understand how our money can work for us”
Katie Wesney's client, Auckland North Shore
“Katie is brilliant to work with because she goes on the journey alongside you – she understands you & what will work best for your family”
Katie Wesney's client, Auckland North Shore
“I love how supportive Julie is. I always fear I’m going to be told off for not doing well enough, but she always shows me great respect and is so encouraging”
Julie Nadan's client, Auckland Central
“Julie knew exactly where we were and our major blockers, there was no need to feel awkward – it was truly like meeting your coach”
Julie Nadan's client, Auckland Central
“I can’t believe you got away with saying that to my partner!”
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“I was energised by the potential that Hannah was able to unlock”
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“I thought I was pretty good, but there is no way we could have achieved what we have done with you”.
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“You empowered me to achieve something I never thought possible”
Hannah McQueen's client, Auckland Central
“When Covid hit, I knew we’d be OK because Liz has got us!”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“Your guidance has given us the confidence that we can make informed choices about things like changing careers, upgrading our home, and how long I can stay at home with our baby”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“You gave me peace”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“Elizabeth is so fantastic; we feel really lucky to have her on our side”
Elizabeth Blake's client, Auckland Central
“Ray was professional, but also laid back – which really helped our nerves!”
Ray McKeown's client, Auckland Central
“Importantly, we did not feel any judgement about our current financial situation. Ray clearly outlined what’s possible for us to achieve, and we’re confident that we will have the support to meet our goals. We should have done this years ago”
Ray McKeown's client, Auckland Central
“Nicki was very good to deal with and made sure I understood everything she said”
Nicki Morsink's client, Southland
“Nicki was excellent. She had a difficult couple to manage but got my husband on board - amazing!”
Nicki Morsink's client, Southland