Nadine Higgins

Performance Coach


Nadine Higgins

My background is as a business journalist and host and later as presenter of TVNZ’s Breakfast show. I spent many years interviewing Hannah McQueen every few weeks on the television and she spoke such good sense that I decided I should go and see her.

That was the best financial decision my husband and I have ever made. It helped steer us through a period of huge change in our lives and now enableMe is helping us get ahead. I sought out Hannah as a mentor when I left television and at the start of 2018 I accepted a job with the company.

I now manage enableMe's marketing, brand and content, including producing editorial content for enableMe; managing our social media; and handling media interviews and enquiries. My job is to ensure we are always enhancing the enableMe brand.

As a business journalist, I often did stories on the lack of financial literacy in this country and its consequences. It was frustrating because so much of the strife I witnessed could have been avoided with better advice. It’s great to now work for a company that is seeking to improve that and every day is changing people’s lives for the better.


Financial Adviser

Bachelor of Broadcast Communications – majoring in Journalism

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