Money Week 2022


Plus, if you attend an Money Week event, complete your booking form for a consultation during Money Week, and attend your consultation before 31st August 2022, you will go in the draw to WIN an programme!*

At we love talking money and think everyone should be talking about it a lot more!

So we’re hosting a series of webinars (presented by’s expert financial coaches) to break the taboo, talk about how to make your money work for you, and answer the money questions we get asked most often.

Each session will be full of tips and tricks to help you be better with your money and improve your financial wellbeing. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A – so come armed with your questions.

Register for a session (or all of them!) via the links below.

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Rid yourself of debt (and what to do with that cash instead)

8 August, 7:30pm

Kiwis are great at spending. But not so good at saving. We’re getting ourselves into debt and don’t have any spare cash when the going gets a little tough. Come along to our FREE online webinar to learn how you can rid yourself of debt and start building a cash surplus.


Say so long to your mortgage

9 August, 7:30pm

Over half of all mortgages issued this year came with a 30 year term, and it’s the mortgage term of choice for first home buyers. And while these long-term loans ease the immediate pain of repayments, it does generally mean paying more overall for the privilege of owning your own home. Join our FREE online webinar to learn how you can say sayonara to your mortgage.


Diversifying your investment portfolio as a Kiwi

10 August, 7:30pm

Did you know that property isn’t the only way to grow wealth in New Zealand? Or that KiwiSaver isn’t the only investment option for those wanting to capitalise their money ahead of retirement. investment specialist, Nicki Morsink will help you navigate the investment landscape and show you how you can build a diverse investment portfolio right from the comfort of your couch.


How to live the retirement you’ve always dreamt of

11 August, 7:30pm

A recently released report showed that almost half (49%) of pre-retirees (those ages 50-65) don’t feel like they’re on track to retire at their preferred and 33% are worried about running our of money during retirement. You may be wondering, ‘where do I even begin?’ Hannah McQueen, strategic financial coach and founder of is here to take you through the steps.