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This initial consultation is a 90-minute one-on-one session with a qualified, expert, independent financial adviser. At the end of this session, you’ll know what’s needed to close your retirement gap.

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What’s included in my 90-minute consultation?

We all start our financial journey at different stages. We have different tendencies, wealth levels, timeframes, and ambitions. No matter where you’re starting out and where you want to end up, can help.

Your initial consultation with an financial adviser is designed to get a better understanding of where you are now and what your financial goals are to see how we can support you on this journey. It’s split into four parts.


Part 1: Diagnosing your situation

We start by understanding your money story, your money values, and your current money mindset. We assess your financial strengths and tendencies, the areas you need to work on, and your areas of opportunity.

We’ll look at what your own, owe, earn, spend, and save. If you have a mortgage, we look at the speed at which you’re currently repaying it, and whether there is room to improve this. If you have investments – whether in property, shares, or managed funds – we look to understand the story behind those investment decisions, before assessing if they remain ‘fit for purpose’.

Knowing all this helps us diagnose your starting point and wealth position.


Part 2: Analysing the opportunities

Once we have a good idea of your current financial performance, we will benchmark this against where it needs to be for you to reach your financial goals.

We will show you your current ‘financial default’ – where you would likely end up if you don’t make any changes, and whether your current efforts are enough to achieve your financial goals and unlock your full wealth potential.

We will identify areas of inefficiencies (or fritter) and overlay our proven methodologies for saving more and repaying your mortgage faster (if applicable) to see where baseline improvements can be made.

Then we consider your wealth plan, and whether your money is working hard enough to ensure you are on track to retire on your terms.

Ultimately – we identify the key problem you’re trying to solve, and the actions you can take to improve your situation.


Part 3: Recommendation

Once we know where you’re at and what you could be capable of achieving, we’ll show you

  • how you could be working smarter,
  • how you could make your money work harder
  • what you should be doing to maximise the probability of success
  • the sequence of actions needed to create the biggest impact, and
  • how every decision your make affects your ability to meet your financial goals.

We’ll discuss a high-level game plan for what you need to do and when to achieve your financial goals. Depending on your situation we’ll also show you a projected mortgage repayment target, what you need to save for retirement, and your options for growing wealth fast and closing a retirement gap.


Part 4: Share what happens next

Once we know where you’re at now, where you want to be, and how we can help you get there faster, we’ll give you a rough outline of what the next 12 months will look like when you sign up for an programme. Depending on your overall situation, you may require a quick ‘tune up’ or a more intensive programme of support to unlock your potential faster.

We’ll send a summary email outlining what’s been discussed and our programme recommendation.

Once you’ve signed the dotted line, we can get started on helping you secure your financial future.