Get a financial coach. Get in control of your finances.

Let’s not make ‘get in control of my finances’ your new year’s resolution again. If it was easy, you would have done it already.

Book a 90-minute consultation with an adviser for $249 (valued at $400) and get in control of your finances in 2024.

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Make ‘Get a financial coach’ your resolution this year.

Most new year’s resolutions aren’t successful because we hit speed bumps, lose confidence, let things slide and before we know it, it’s January first again. 

An financial coach will help you break this cycle with a clear but dynamic financial plan and support in executing it. Believe it or not, financial progress can often come down to thinking bigger and being more ambitious with what you want to achieve. But we have to get the basics right first. Why not download our 2024 financial checklist to help you identify where you’re at, and what areas you need help on to improve your financial situation in 2024 and beyond.

“I liked the way our adviser quickly understood our financial situation and had immediate ideas about areas for improvement. I liked how they explained what the current market was doing and how to maximise our asset position using a clear plan to reach our specific goals.”

“I was blown away by how simple it appeared to be for our adviser to come up with a solution to my apparently insurmountable problems – I believe you guys are making a huge difference in the lives of many people. I would recommend anyone to come and see you.”

We are your secret weapon for financial success.

Your initial 90-minute consultation is an opportunity for your financial adviser & coach to take a deep dive into your financial situation: where you are at now, where you want to be, and what gap you need to close to get there.

In this consultation, your coach will:

  • Help you better understand your financial situation
  • Determine your financial goals
  • Uncover your money habits and how these impact your ability to succeed
  • Find the right plan to help you get ahead.

The right advice, at the right time, to help you get ahead. pillars help you focus your finances and get ahead – fast. They align with a particular stage along your financial journey – so no matter where you’re at we have a programme that’s right for you.


Managing your finances

Build your financial foundation by taking control of where you’re spending your money, paying down debt, and getting on the right track towards financial stability.


Growing your wealth

Set the stage for future success and grow your wealth so you can make the choices you want about how you live your life today, and into the future.


Preparing for retirement

If it feels a little closer than you might like, now’s the time to start preparing so you can secure a comfortable retirement and enjoy life when you’re no longer earning.

Hear what our clients have to say about their experience with

"Paul Cho always explains his advice in terms I can understand. He created an environment and rapport where he’s able to challenge me to look critically at my spending habits, goals and previously held beliefs of what might be possible. I have much greater financial literacy, and feel much more financially empowered and motivated since working with Paul."
Paul Cho's client
"Best thing we have ever done. Great to see exactly where your money is going and the progress we are making with our mortgage. We are very grateful. Thank you to the team."
Elizabeth Blake's client
"We have been amazed at what a difference restructuring our banking has made to paying our mortgage off quicker."
Nadine Higgins' client
"Roger is just fabulous! He listens to us and has our end goals at heart. We would not be in the position of having options if it wasn’t for Roger and the team. Best decision and investment we have ever made. Thank you."
Roger Swift's client
" has made us more aware of our spending and what the possibilities are when it come to our finances and paying off our mortgage. We are extremely excited about what we will achieve in the next few years."
Alisha Brady's client
"I liked that Kristin was thorough, didn't judge my spending habits, and made me feel like I've got options. She also explained things in ways that were easy to understand."
Kristin Sutherland's client
"I like that it was a personalised service. My consultant was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions with clarity & non-judgement. I was able to establish some clarity for my goals in the timeframe."
Kristin Sutherland's client
"Hannah was very approachable and easy to talk to. We didn’t feel like we were being told off or made to feel we had been doing the wrong thing, but how we could turn things around and make things better."
Hannah McQueen's client
"I like how the plans are able to pivot when life requires, and how excited our coach seems to be helping us achieve our goals!"
Justin Gauci's client