Raising Financially Independent Children

Success doesn’t happen by chance. And financial success is no exception. By enrolling your kids at St Kentigern they’re well set for academic success. But, teaching them how to become financially independent starts at home. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help.


Watch Hannah McQueen, founder of enable.me and mum of two, explain the importance of teaching your kids about money and some of the practical ways you can help them develop these vital life skills.

(This video was originally created for enable.me clients raise to show how an enable.me coach can support them in raising financially independent children.)

Money lessons for any age

Whether your child is 5, 15, or about to leave home, there are plenty of age-appropriate lessons you can teach them about money, and get them earning, spending and saving their money responsibly.

Download our guide for ideas on what to teach, conversations to have, and milestones to achieve.

Kickstart your and your kid’s journey to financial success

Book a consultation with an enable.me coach by 5pm Monday 5th September for just $100+GST and get expert advice on how you can build a wealth plan with your kids in mind.

The coach will help you better understand your current financial situation, your money habits and mindset, and how we can work together to ensure you and your children are set up for future financial success.

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