How we do it

First we use our 7-step process to get you financially lean. Then we use's mortgage optimisation formula to help you repay your debt fast.

Our team will re-negotiate and restructure your mortgage to save you interest, while retaining flexibility. You can stay with your current bank, or move banks - we have no preference.

We’ll benchmark your spending and mortgage balances against other clients earning a similar level of income. This helps identify wastage, what we call ‘fritter’.

Most of us fritter about 15% of our income on things that don’t make us any happier. On an income of $100,000 that’s $15,000 a year wasted!

Then we’ll set you up with a personal finance system that funnels your fritter into debt repayment.

This is where the magic happens! Once you see your mortgage being repaid much faster than before, you start to gain momentum and you're on your way to joining our mortgage-free club.

Our results

When we analysed the performance of over 1,200 clients on coaching programmes over the last three years we found the average planned saving in mortgage interest payments alone was just over $200,000.


The interest saved is based on the average planned result from 1,267 clients in our mortgage and support programmes commenced in the last three years.

The projected interest saved is calculated on the difference between the clients original loan term and interest rate and the projected new loan term as a result of their enableme plan. Saved interest is calculated using an average home loan interest rate of 3.83% and our average reduction in loan term of 17 years.

How we helped Robyn and Greg

Robyn and Greg thought they were doing OK, until they realised what they could save on their mortgage by working with They’ve managed to renovate their home and enjoy their lifestyle while also killing their mortgage!

Our Mortgage Killer 7- Step Process

Step 1

Understand your BMI and financial goals.

Step 2

Design a plan to get you there faster.

Step 3

Implement the plan with the right framework and structures.  Review your mortgage.

Step 4

Test the plan.

Step 5

Restructure your mortgage to match your capability for faster repayments. Set quarterly targets. Lock in the plan. Track and go hard for 3 months.

Step 6

Measure progress monthly. Refine the plan, set new goals for the next quarter and track results. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the year.

Step 7

Those that are on track, we will want to stretch you further and introduce additional strategies to grow your wealth so you are future ready.