Find out what type of property investment is right for your situation.

You want to buy an investment property, but you don’t want to buy a dud.

If you are buying property for the capital gain, you need to understand what property is right for your situation. Each client has their own unique criteria based on their cash surplus, what the banks will lend them, the yield on the property, and the capital gain potential.

Your enable coach will work closely with you to determine your property criteria so you're ready to find the right property for you.  

Once we know what the bank will lend you and your ability to top up any weekly shortfall, we determine what your "property criteria” should look like.

  • We'll help you maximise your cash surplus, which helps buy you time for the property market to grow.

  • We arrange your pre-approval from the bank so you know your budget before you start looking.

  • We then determine the property criteria for your situation.  Once you know this you can find a property that meets it.

  • Once a property is found we support you from the due diligence period through to settlement so you can purchase a property with confidence.

  • We determine how the property should be owned and structured to minimise tax and exposure to your family home.

    We’ll introduce you to our preferred property managers and accountants to ensure you are getting the best overall result for your situation.


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To plan for retirement, you need to know how much you need to enjoy the life you want after you finish working. There is no magic number. Just your number.

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