Ray McKeown

Strategic Coach


Ray McKeown

Ray knows what it’s like to be the 35-year-old who can’t figure out where his money goes.

He knows what it’s like to be a 38-year-old widower & single Dad barely able to stay afloat.

But he also knows what it’s like to be the 45-year-old who has smashed his financial goals.

Ray’s depth of personal experience is matched by the depth of his professional experience –across accounting firms, big corporates, and skills organisations.  

He’s energised by now being able to work directly with people to improve their lives, and loves getting their money working harder for them, rather than the other way around.

Naturally curious, Ray loves getting to know what his clients value. Not everyone wants the same things or has the same resources and Ray is able to adapt his approach to fit.

The ultimate reward for Ray is seeing a client realise that their plan is working, they’re racing towards their goals and achieving things they didn’t think possible.


Financial Adviser

Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting

Bachelor of Arts – Political Studies

Chartered Accountant

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