Liz Brown Douglas

Strategic Coach


Liz Brown Douglas

Seeing the stress get up and leave the room is one of the things Liz loves most about being a financial coach.

But that’s just the beginning of a long list – to say she’s passionate about helping people realise what they’re capable of is an understatement.

Liz loves enabling her clients to get on the property ladder, clear debt, grow wealth and prepare for retirement – all without financial stress, or worrying about missing opportunities.

With a strong tax, legal and financial services background, Liz finds it hugely rewarding to be able to put her professional skill set to use in helping people get ahead.

Liz understands that true wealth is living a life you’re happy with – and that looks different for everyone.

She’s compassionate, intelligent, and inspiring – all fantastic qualities in a financial coach.


Financial Adviser

Chartered Accountant

Bachelor of Laws

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