Dianne Barlow

Director & Strategic Coach


Dianne Barlow

Dianne’s superpower is being able to put herself in her clients’ shoes to really understand their values and goals, so she can take them on the journey to ‘better’.

A chartered accountant with three decades of experience, Dianne knows first-hand how life-changing working with enable.me can be, having been a client herself.

That means she still ‘walks the talk’ of working to a plan, tracking her progress, and employing the power of accountability!

The thrill of helping people achieve their goals never gets old for Dianne – whether that’s getting into your first home, making the final mortgage payment or being able to feel excited rather than scared about retirement.

One thing you’ll never get from Dianne is judgement – what you will get is her insight, her expertise, and a healthy dose of inspiration.

A born and bred Aucklander, Dianne loves its diversity, energy, and access to the coast.


Financial Adviser

Chartered Accountant

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