Corrie-Ann Jones

Performance Coach


Corrie-Ann Jones

If you want a coach who walks beside you to help you tackle your financial goals head-on, Corrie-Ann is laced up and ready for the journey.

With a background in bank lending, mortgagee sales and receiverships, Corrie-Ann has seen what happens when it all goes wrong and loves that her role as a financial coach now allows her to help create the opposite outcome for her clients.

With a love of shoes, a penchant for half marathons, and having been a client of herself in the past – you can be confident that Corrie-Ann walks the talk.

As a property investor, she’s also an asset to those navigating the investment journey for the first time.

Corrie-Ann’s clients love that she’s ‘real’, listens intently and is supportive and encouraging.  

She takes great satisfaction from helping people get on track, get rid of debt, relieve themselves of financial stress and start investing for their future.


Financial Adviser

NZ Institute of Management certificate

Legal executive diploma

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