We’ve cracked the code of how to get smart people to be better with money, and jump ahead. Now we want to share it with you.

enableMe provides financial strategy and coaching to Kiwis wanting to get ahead faster. Over the last 12 years we have become leaders in personal finance.

We’ve now developed an approach that optimises SME owners’ personal and business finances at the same time, so they can progress – faster.

This is a source of huge opportunity.


Hannah McQueen – Founder and Managing Director of enableMe

In good times, people need us – and in uncertain times they need us more

Accountants don’t tend to focus on personal spending, but they know all too well how dysfunctional this intermingling of business and personal expenses can be.

enableMe’s technology, processes and IP allow coaches to accurately diagnose the situation and show clients how to execute a strategy that benefits both bottom lines. In good times, this is something SME owners need - in bad times, they need it even more

The result is we can’t keep up with demand which is why we’re looking for kick-ass accountants keen to create measurable change for SME clients through our programmes.

We don’t want you as staff, we need you all in, with a seat at the table.

To answer this growing demand, we need 20 rock star accountants, from around NZ to join our team as licensees. We will train, accredit and support you to change your part of the world.

  • This could be a new business, or a new revenue stream
  • First year trading results will vary, but some areas have exceeded $400,000 (50% GP)
  • Coaching can be done remotely or face-to-face
  • Licenses will cost $50,000+GST per territory
enableme Property

The Details

Who we’re looking for:

We want people who are not only number whizzes, but who are emotionally intelligent, and people focussed. We’re after those who are not content to optimise only half of their clients’ financial situation.

This opportunity would suit Chartered Accountants who possess exceptional communication and people skills, are keen to invest to grow their businesses and want to remain relevant as clients’ needs evolve.

You can be an independent accountant, or have an accounting practice.

If you love people, love business - and love helping people in business make progress – we’re looking for you.

What we’re seeking to solve

Helping sort a small business’s finances is important work, but it can be quickly undermined if the owner’s personal situation is in disarray. In our experience, this is the case more often than not.

The problem is financial literacy on its own seldom translates to financial success. Creating lasting change requires getting into the nitty gritty of their personal finances alongside that of the business and focussing on behaviours, mindset and strategy.

Neglecting the personal situation means you’re unable to paint a complete picture or diagnose their overall situation accurately.

That can in turn impact the business’s performance, while also ensuring an undercurrent of financial stress remains ever-present, however the business is performing.

What’s the rush?

Two words – ‘Covid’ and ‘demand’. We’re unashamedly moving fast on this and you’ll need to as well in order to seize the size of the opportunity. Expressions of interest are open until July 17th.

Why work with us?

enableMe has nailed the formula for helping New Zealanders get ahead fast – and partnering with us will allow you to deliver the same outcomes for your clients that we achieve with ours.

You’ll work within our proven coaching model, providing education, a framework, accountability, advice and strategic direction to help improve clients’ relationship with money and ensure they reach their financial potential.

Our expertly designed programme uses research-verified methods, draws on behavioural economics and is combined with our patented mortgage calculator. A financial plan is developed, tested and fine-tuned to ensure it remains relevant and achievable. Performance is tracked to ensure progress and success.

Working with enableMe allows you to leverage a nationwide brand with a proven track record of helping New Zealanders get in control and get ahead. We have the smarts – the tech, the systems, processes and IP – we just need great people to partner with us to deliver results.

This is just the beginning

We’re thinking big and growing fast. Two bank pilots are getting underway, we’re in discussions with the Government about helping more people get ahead, and our app launches in August. There will be further opportunities for licensees as new projects come to fruition, further sweetening the offer.

Who we are

EnableMe provides financial strategy and coaching to Kiwis wanting to get ahead faster. Over the last 12 years we have become leaders in personal finance. We are experts in behavioural economics, cashflow management, financial planning and mortgage repayment optimisation.

Our programmes have their origins in founder Hannah McQueen’s experience of buying her first home. She haggled over interest rates, like we all do, but realised the discount was tiny given she’d be paying almost three times what she borrowed back to the bank. To figure out how to pay it off much faster, she partnered with the University of Auckland, to write a (now patented) calculus formula for how to pay your mortgage off in the shortest time, with the lowest interest cost and maximum flexibility.

It works! But to do that, it requires a surplus which despite being highly financially literate, Hannah (a keen shopper!) didn’t have. She realised it’s not just what you know, but what drives how you behave. She then researched the role psychology, accountability and willpower play in decision making. The result is enableMe’s programmes, which have helped thousands of Kiwis get in control, grow wealth and get ahead.


Piqued your interest? Fill out the expression of interest form & we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to chat.

If we’re the right fit, we’ll provide more details.

You’ll do your due diligence and we’ll start the formal application process.

Onboarding and training commences August 2020.

For all media enquiries contact Nadine Higgins on

For all media enquiries contact Nadine Higgins on

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