Your mortgage mentality in a cash flow crunch


Don’t let the cost of living and rising interest rates hold you back from becoming mortgage free.

Join Hannah McQueen LIVE in a town near you!

While it’s good to gird your loins and tighten the purse strings when facing economic headwinds, inaction can cost you more in the long run. And while being conservative may feel like the right approach in the face of economic uncertainty, it could mean you miss out on future wealth-growing opportunities.

We’re seeing a lot of uncertainty around what’s happening in our economy. And, this uncertainty leads to indecision. And indecision leads to lost opportunities. So, how do we cultivate the right mindset and maintain momentum when times are a little tough?

Join Hannah McQueen, founder and director of, strategic coach and financial force of nature, live in your hometown this September.

She’ll take you through the financial impacts of inaction, why you really don’t need to be scared of today’s mortgage rates, and how you can find opportunities to grow wealth, even when your cash flow may be feeling the crunch.

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21 September, 7:00pm

Seminar / Meet & Greet
Your mortgage mentality in a cash flow crunch Parnell office
Level 4, 165 The Strand
Parnell, Auckland 1010