Women & Finances Panel:
Investing With Confidence


About this event

Did you know that 60% of Kiwi women rate their investing literacy low, and when they do invest typically choose ones with a lower risk profile?* Are you one of them?
What the research also shows is that when we DO invest, we're better at it! We just need to be empowered with the confidence to back ourselves.
Judging by the 1000+ questions we had come through from our last Women & Finances panel, we can safely say that Kiwi women are motivated to build their financial confidence and are willing to try new ways of growing their wealth – like the 32% of women using, or planning to use, micro-investing platforms.*
In our last Women & Finances panel, we covered off answers to your questions around mortgages, relationships, and kids. This time, we are bringing to the panel enable.me founder Hannah McQueen, enable.me investment coach Nicki Morsink, enable.me strategic coach Alisha Brady, and our host Nadine Higgins to answer your burning questions about investments.
Join us on Tuesday 17th May at 7:00pm to build your investing confidence! Meet the speakers >
enable.me - financial strategy and coaching is an organisation led by women who are dedicated to not only helping Kiwis achieve financial success, but to improving their financial wellbeing.
IMPORTANT: This webinar is for informational purposes only and does not constitute personalised financial advice.

‘MONEY & YOU - WOMEN AND FINANCIAL WELLBEING IN NEW ZEALAND’ report – Financial Services Council New Zealand

About our panelists

Hannah McQueen

Once you’ve met Hannah, you’ll understand why people often describe her as ‘a financial force of nature’.
There’s no doubt as to Hannah’s expertise – her list of qualifications is long. She’s also a best-selling personal finance author, media commentator, the founder of enable.me and developed a mortgage optimisation formula with the University of Auckland's Dr Jamie Sneddon.
With her strategic nous and boundless appetite for ‘better’, Hannah McQueen is someone everyone could benefit from having in their corner.

Nicki Morsink

Nicki has an exceptional professional pedigree in the financial services industry built over almost 30 years, making her the perfect person to lead enable.me investments.
Nicki’s experience spans institutional equities, investment banking, private wealth, and personal financial coaching across the UK, Europe, and New Zealand - including 8 years as VP of Institutional Equities at Morgan Stanley in London.
Nicki and the enable.me investments team excel at providing advice and strategies that allow you to build your wealth with confidence.

Alisha Brady

Helping people improve not only their financial future but their lives has become slightly addictive for financial adviser, Alisha Brady.
And you can see why, when her clients report moving from feeling stressed and frustrated to feeling positive and able to move ahead with purpose - to the point where they do indeed tell her ‘you changed our lives!’.
Alisha has a depth of experience derived from running her own business and working in investment banking, equities, portfolio management, and research in New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

About our host

Nadine Higgins

Nadine Higgins is a financial coach with enable.me – financial strategy and coaching, and a former financial journalist and TV news presenter.
Nadine made her name as the host of TVNZ’s morning business news show, where she made finance stories accessible through her ability to explain complex issues in a way that’s easy to understand.
As both a journalist and as a financial coach, Nadine has always been driven by a desire to equip people with knowledge, so they can be empowered to make informed financial decisions.