Future Proofing Your Finances


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Working with an enable.me coach, the consultation will offer you the opportunity to:
  • Better understand your current financial situation.
  • Determine the goals that matter most to you and  identify what to focus on to unlock the greatest returns.
  • Understand your money habits and how they might impact your ability to succeed.
  • Consider how an enable.me plan could help you achieve your goals – managing your finances, growing your wealth or preparing for your retirement

About enable.me

enable.me has its origins in founder Hannah McQueen’s experience of buying her first home. She haggled over interest rates, like we all do, but realised the discount was tiny given she’d be paying almost three times what she borrowed back to the bank. To figure out how to pay it off much faster, she partnered with the University of Auckland's Dr Jamie Sneddon, to develop a calculus formula for how to pay your mortgage off in the shortest time, with the lowest interest cost and maximum flexibility.
It works! But to do that, it requires a surplus which despite being highly financially literate, Hannah (a keen shopper!) didn’t have. She realised it’s not just what you know, but what drives how you behave. She then researched the role psychology, accountability and willpower play in decision making. The result is enable.me’s programme, which has helped thousands of Kiwis get in control, grow wealth and get ahead over the past decade.
We have created a diverse team of experts and Business Partners.  Our skill sets include:
Financial Advisers, Chartered Accountants, Business Coaches, Tax advisors, Banking & Lending Specialists, Home Loan Advisers, Property Coaches, Business Coaches, Insurance Advisors and Psychologists.  It is our diverse skill set that enables us to create highly tailored programmes, with the necessary support to ensure high levels of success for our clients.