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83% of New Zealanders are financially stressed. 83%! We’ve worked with thousands of Kiwis - so we know that stress affects people no matter what their income.

Working hard but making little progress, having a big mortgage, not being able to help your kids as much as you’d like or not being prepared for the kind of retirement you want. All of that is stressful – and distracting at work.

Those distractions can end up costing employers - but great employers take action before it becomes an issue. They empower their staff to get smart and get ahead – with enable.me's tailored Financial Wellbeing solution.

How it works:

Our Workplace Wellbeing solution includes:

An information-packed 45-minute on-site group Financial
Fitness workshop, or online webinar, with four separate presentations to choose from to cater to the audience’s age, stage and income bracket.

-    Those who attended the workshop are entitled to a 90-minute consultation with our expert financial coaches, which is discounted 50% through the wellbeing programme

-    For those who are ready to get serious, we work with them over a 13-month period to create and implement a tailored strategy to get them ahead, fast.

Why work with us?

We are New Zealand’s leading financial strategists & coaches, with a more than decade-long track record of helping thousands of Kiwis get mortgage-free, grow wealth and get retirement ready – fast. We’re also independent – so we only have your interests at heart.

All you need to know

What does it cost?
Contact us to discuss the cost of your seminar. Package discounts apply to multiple bookings. Travel costs may apply.

Who is the seminar a good fit for?
The seminar can be tailored to your workforce - those starting out, those aiming to get mortgage-free fast, grow their wealth or sort retirement. So, everyone!

Who have you worked with?
We've worked with many of New Zealand's top businesses and government organisations, so you're in good company.

To get started, call 0800 897 898 and speak with Leisa Weir or email leisa@enable.me to find out more.

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