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I've learnt a lot about how I learn, my strengths, what I'm good at, what I need to work on - and I've also learnt so much about my potential... the potential other people see in me that I don't see in myself. - TIA, 17


“It’s shown me how to set a big ambitious goal, for example getting into property, and what you need to do in the short and long term to achieve those goals.”

— ASHER, 20

Our Online Courses

Our courses are designed to be interactive, featuring video tutorials, podcasts, articles and quality research. Study at your own pace - you’ll never be late for class or miss a deadline.

equip me course

What you will learn:

  • • Design your career path
  • • Budgeting and creating wealth
  • • Identify your strengths and talents

accelerator course

What you will learn:

  • • How to invest in property
  • • How to advance your career
  • • How to manage student debt

What our students have to say

Before the course, I was feeling overwhelmed about choosing a career, but I now have the right support and guidance to make good decisions and I’m looking forward to the future. I just thought everyone got a student loan . . . but now I have a big goal–to go through uni without a student loan.

— ZAC, 18

“There’s so much we don’t get taught about money at school, that perhaps even our parents don’t know – that’s what makes this course so important.”

— CARMEN, 18

Before the course, I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how I could get there – now I do. It was really helpful to talk to the career coach as someone independent. She asked me questions that my parents hadn’t thought to ask. This isa really good investment into your future”


“If I only got advice from my parents, I’d probably be like them. This course actually made a difference! I DO feel more confident now, and that was the whole aim for me.”

— JOSHNA, 16







How it works

equip me teaches you valuable life skills that aren’t taught in schools. These aren’t your typical online courses.
Learn how.


Expert Tutorials & Podcasts

Our lessons are brought to
life by leaders in their field. Immerse yourself in real-world learning, hearing first-hand the challenges they faced.

Real-time Coaching Packages

Supercharge your course by working with our expert coaches one-on-one to develop a plan that works for your unique situation. You’ll receive a personalised insight report, action plan and access to extended learning options. Select the coaching packages right for you. Coaching sessions are $350 each.

Talents & Strengths

Margot Edwards - Strengths Coach

We all have natural talents. The key is identifying these early, so you can focus your energy where you're most likely to excel.

Coach Module $600 / Early Bird $570

Career & Employability

Robyn Bailey - Career Coach

We'll teach you the personal skills that get you hired, promoted and design a career path that plays to your strengths.

Coach Module $600 / Early Bird $570

Financial & Wealth

Jane McCormack - Financial Coach

Plan your financial strategy to get you to the next level. We'll show you how to position yourself to build wealth.

Coach Module $600 / Early Bird $570

Investment Property

Hannah McQueen - founder

Learn the power of leverage, the fundamentals of property investment and how you can get a foot on the ladder faster.

Coach Module $600 / Early Bird $570

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Invest in yourself

Base course starts from $850 - previous students have achieved a more than 100% return on investment.

75% of 18-35yr olds have a quarter-life crisis, finding they’re not where they thought they would , nor are they making financial progress. Within one year of completing one of our courses you can save up to $3,000, within 5-years up to $30,000 and within 10-years up to $300,000!*

*Projected results based on former students’ trajectory, individual results may vary.


Who is this course for?

Our courses are designed for students who are currently working through some of the biggest decisions and challenges they’ve ever had to face. We want you to feel confident to take these on and get excited for the opportunities they hold.

How does the equip me online course work?

The course is made up of nine key learning modules, on highly relevant real-life topics including savings, debt, leverage, personal skills, and building networks. With a mix of articles, videos and podcasts with experts in their field, answering questions, and even interviewing your own parents, the course is designed to keep you interested while you learn!

Each intake has a dedicated tutor to support you and on completion, you’ll receive a tailored plan that continues building on the momentum of all you’ve learned.

What makes this course different from what I’m learning at school or online?

There are already a lot of great resources to help you understand the basics of money. We are going to take your learning beyond financial literacy, we give you the tools to apply your knowledge in the real world and supercharge your trajectory from the get-go. Our presenters and coaches are experts in their fields, understand the challenges you are facing and will help you overcome these.

How much time do I need to commit to making this work?

The course is completed at your own pace. There are nine key learning modules, each taking around 1-2 hours. There are three one-hour live interactive webinars with our expert coaches, and optional drop-in tutorial sessions every fortnight.

How do the coaching sessions work?

In our one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll work with a coach to build a plan that is tailored to you and your situation.  Working with our coaches allows you to receive tailored advice and you work together to formulate the ideal strategy for your unique situation.

Should I do more than one type of coach?

Our coaches have different areas of expertise.  If you’re supercharging your course with more than one type of coach, great! Your coaches will work together to build even more insight and depth to your plans.

Can I purchase coaching packages during the course?

Yes! All coaching sessions are available to upgrade during your intake.  Once the course is underway, you can upgrade directly from your dashboard or by contacting us.

I’m a parent/guardian. What canI do to support my student during the course?

As part of your student’s learning, they will be asking you some financial (and possibly sensitive)questions as they move through the course. These range from your own money beliefs, to the household budget, to your retirement planning. This will feel revealing, but honest and open communication will help them apply the concepts they are learning to the real world.

How much does the course cost and how do I pay?

The equip me course has been discounted in March 2021 to $850.  This is to make the course accessible to everyone during the current climate. Coaching sessions are $350. Payment is online when you register or via direct credit. You can make a one-time payment or break this into three monthly instalments.

How private is the information I share?

All communication is private. Your personal information is shared between the coaches and facilitator while they work with you to design aspects of your individual plan. All course work remains secure within the course platform.

Do you share my progress through the course?

We share your progress with your parents, guardian or sponsor. This is a good way for them to know where you're up to, and how you're tracking. We do not share your course responses unless permission is given first.

Can I meet with the Investment Property Coach only?

Our Investment Property Coaching is only available to those students who have met with our Financial Coach.  In your financial coaching session, your coach will take you through how investing in property could fit with your goals and situation.  If property fits with your investment strategy, they’ll lock in your session with the property coach.  

What if I don’t finish the course?

The course fee is non-refundable, however we understand that sometimes there are major events that prevent you from completing the course within your intake’s timeframe. If that happens, get in touch with us to discuss what’s possible.  If you cancel a coaching session within 48 hours of your meeting time, you will forfeit this meeting.  We’ll do everything we can to remind you of your meetings, including text reminders, notifications and emails.

Can I purchase coaching sessions during the course?

Yes! All coaching sessions are available to upgrade during your intake.  Once the course is underway, you can upgrade directly from your dashboard or by contacting us.

Are there any restrictions on who can do this course? 

This course is open and accessible to anyone who wishes to enrol. All you need to have is internet access!