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Tuesday 22nd AUGUST, 1:00PM


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Tuesday 22nd August | 1:00pm – 2:00pm 

83% of us are stressed about our finances. 83%!
  • The situation – why ‘she’ll be right’ will no longer see you right
  • The pillars of financial success (& why it’s not just about financial literacy)
  • Understanding your money personality & financial BMI
  • Why accountability works
  • Dealing with debt
  • Getting mortgage-free faster
  • Client success stories
  • Q+A

Downloadable factsheets & checklists

Get your finances in check for 2023


2023 is here! To help you get your finances in check and set yourself up for financial success, we’ve devised this checklist to help you identify where you’re at, and what actions you could take to improve your financial situation in 2023.

Financial Fitness: Your guide to getting ahead


Money is supposed to help you live the life you want and allow you to reach your financial goals pre- and post-retirement. Yet this perfect point of balance eludes most people, and many of us assume they’re incompatible.

In this guide, Hannah McQueen, financial adviser and founder of enable.me, shares how you can get ahead financially without sacrificing the things that make you happy.

Sow the seeds for a bountiful financial future


To help you get started on your spring planting, here’s a quick checklist of what you should review today to set yourself up for a bountiful financial future.

The enable.me programmes

Focus on the goal you want to achieve when you sign up for an enable.me programme. Each programme is built around a particular theme – whether you’re trying to get ahead, pay off the mortgage or begin your investment journey. Here’s a selection of the programmes we offer.


Hear what our clients have to say about their experience with enable.me

"Paul Cho always explains his advice in terms I can understand. He created an environment and rapport where he’s able to challenge me to look critically at my spending habits, goals and previously held beliefs of what might be possible. I have much greater financial literacy, and feel much more financially empowered and motivated since working with Paul."
Paul Cho's client
"Best thing we have ever done. Great to see exactly where your money is going and the progress we are making with our mortgage. We are very grateful. Thank you to the team."
Elizabeth Blake's client
"We have been amazed at what a difference restructuring our banking has made to paying our mortgage off quicker."
Nadine Higgins' client
"Roger is just fabulous! He listens to us and has our end goals at heart. We would not be in the position of having options if it wasn’t for Roger and the enable.me team. Best decision and investment we have ever made. Thank you."
Roger Swift's client
"enable.me has made us more aware of our spending and what the possibilities are when it come to our finances and paying off our mortgage. We are extremely excited about what we will achieve in the next few years."
Alisha Brady's client
"I liked that Kristin was thorough, didn't judge my spending habits, and made me feel like I've got options. She also explained things in ways that were easy to understand."
Kristin Sutherland's client
"I like that it was a personalised service. My consultant was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions with clarity & non-judgement. I was able to establish some clarity for my goals in the timeframe."
Kristin Sutherland's client
"Hannah was very approachable and easy to talk to. We didn’t feel like we were being told off or made to feel we had been doing the wrong thing, but how we could turn things around and make things better."
Hannah McQueen's client
"I like how the plans are able to pivot when life requires, and how excited our coach seems to be helping us achieve our goals!"
Justin Gauci's client