Building Financial Fitness Webinars

To find our more about booking a webinar for your organisation, contact Leisa Weir. are thrilled to bring you our series of webinars with valuable tools and skills to support you to build your own financial future.

1. kill your short-term debt - stopping the downward spiral

What you need to know about short term debt and how to stop bleeding cash on interest payments.
the long & the short of it right here
  • How short-term debt can become a long-term problem
  • The negative money habits created from short term debt
  • What's the problem with AfterPay?
  • Avalanche vs snowball -the best way to dig yourself out of debt
  • Debt consolidation and credit transfers
  • Creating new habits

2. creating a cashflow surplus to get ahead

Growing wealth requires money to invest. Learn how to create a reliable cash surplus to feed your investment plan.
tips for creating a cash surplus
  • Understanding your starting point
  • The role of your money psychology
  • Lazy tax and fritter
  • Why budgeting doesn't have to equal boring
  • De-cluttering - how to Marie Kondo your money
  • How to turn your passion into cash

3. navigating the investment landscape

The options can seem overwhelming - what you need to know before you start investing your hard-earned cash.
building knowledge to invest well
  • Where to start
  • Risk vs return
  • Your risk profile
  • Repay debt or invest first?
  • Understanding leverage
  • The role of diversification
  • Having the right people in your corner

4. raising financially independent kids

Raising financially healthy kids so they can flourish (not drain your retirement funds!).
teaching healthy money habits
  • When to start?
  • Should you pay pocket money?
  • Learning to budget
  • Ways to get your kids to practice money management
  • AfterPay - valuable lesson or dangerous precedent?
  • Turning passions into cash

5. getting retirement ready

Defining what retirement looks like and how to set yourself up with enough money to fund yours.
key steps to prepare for retirement
  • What does retirement cost? The research
  • How far does the pension go?
  • How to estimate what you'll need for your retirement
  • The role of KiwiSaver
  • Calculating your retirement gap
  • Options to grow wealth
  • Diversification

6. Getting on the propery ladder

Getting together the deposit and qualifying for a mortgage can be huge hurdles on the road to buying a home.
tips to get on the property ladder
  • The role of KiwiSaver
  • Assistance you may be entitled to
  • BoMaD - The Bank of Mum and Dad
  • What you need to know about buying with friends or family members
  • Debt-to-income rules to live by
  • Should you buy a home or an investment property?