Where to Now for Interest Rates Amid Covid-19 and a Level-4 Lockdown?

September 6, 2021

The Reserve Bank was all set to raise interest rates, the big banks had already started hiking their rates in anticipation .. and then lockdown struck.

Amid the chaos of high-tailing it back to our bubbles in time for lockdown, the news that the Reserve Bank decided to instead put the Official Cash Rate on hold at 0.25% got a bit lost.

But make no mistake - it's only a pause, and interest rates will start to rise very soon.


enable.me founder Hannah McQueen was interviewed on Newstalk ZB about what lockdown means for interest rates, why they'll soon be on the rise, and what that means for your mortgage.

Listen to Hannah's interview with Jack Tame here.


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Hannah McQueen in a financial adviser, chartered accountant fellow, personal finance author, and the founder of enable.me – financial strategy & coaching.

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