"We're Forever Grateful" - enable.me clients Nadine and Paddy share their financial wins with enable.me

September 28, 2021

"We signed up with enable.me 4.5 years ago when we realised how much money we were wasting. We had reasonable incomes, but no savings and no long term financial plan.

With our enable.me coach, Shelley Palman’s guidance and support, a personalised financial plan was developed. We were also given the tools we needed to adhere to that plan.  

As a result, we are mortgage free in 4.5 years - 1.5yrs sooner than even Shelley thought we could do it, and 10yrs sooner than we would have been mortgage-free without Shelley and the enable.me team.

Better still, we’ve managed to stick to this plan without making any sacrifices on things we’ve always enjoyed.

Now, we live in our mortgage-free home, we own an investment property and early retirement is a realistic option should we choose to do that.

It’s been really, really easy and we’re forever grateful."

- Nadine and Paddy

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