"The Best Investment I Have Ever Made" - enable.me client Anna on working with enable.me

October 6, 2021

"I'd created some wealth the hard way, though as a single woman (and we know that's more expensive, right) I was concerned about my future financial security and knew I couldn't keep working the way I was. 

My experience with enable.me has been twofold. 

In the first instance, I sped-read Hannah's book, bit the bullet and signed up to a programme. It was great, though I was still wired with some old programming so I chose to deviate slightly from the plan. While it still worked, it was more work for lesser gains #liveandlearn

So with my next programme, I committed to sticking to the script.

In what is just over two years, I have doubled my personal wealth and have two investment properties.  We are now working on being financially sorted until the end of my days. 

enable.me flicks the switch on financial visibility. Most of us can only see out the rear view mirror, enable.me gives you a clear forward view with an optimised pathway. Whilst this initial view can be confronting, they also give you the knowledge, tools and contacts to get on track. 

If I had to choose one word to describe the experience it'd be 'optimised'. You optimise your current status, opportunities, and outcomes. With this comes empowerment and also a lot less stress. After all, as they say "hope is not a strategy". 

I wish I'd met Hannah McQueen and engaged enable.me 20 years ago! And if you haven't, do it now! It's the best investment I have ever made. "

- Anna

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