The Best - And Worst - Time to Buy an Investment Property

January 7, 2019

Mention retirement savings and you tend to get one of two reactions: People’s eyes glaze over, or they breakout in a cold sweat. It’s either too far away to bother thinking about, or too close to bear thinking about.

But it needs thinking about –because the traditional method of paying off your home mortgage, saving for a bit and then living comfortably in retirement simply doesn’t cut it anymore.People are getting on the property ladder later, paying off their mortgages later and living much longer.

Most don’t feel like they have the capacity to save more because they’re busy paying off their home mortgage and don’t have cash to invest anywhere else.

The more basic options for bridging the gap - earn more, spend less or retire later- aren’t necessarily possible (or appealing) and the gap is usually too large to bridge with savings alone.

That is where property investment can provide part of the retirement savings solution – if it’s done right. But all too often, it’s not done right.

Many column inches have been dedicated to whether it’s a good or a bad time to buy property. After location, timing is thought to be everything – and yes it is important.

But in my book, it’s always a bad time to buy a lemon.

A lemon isn’t just a leaky or defective building. Lemons are also properties which have low prospects for capital gain, poor yield and worst of all – they’re properties you’re forced to sell when the going gets tough.

Remember, even the best property in the best location can be a bad investment if you’re forced to sell at a bad time.

Learning to buy property like a pro is not just about understanding the principles of property investment or learning to pick the peaks and troughs – it’s about understanding your own situation and having a strategy to ride out whatever the market delivers, so you can sell on your own terms.

That’s why enableMe has launched Buy Property Like a Pro – a one-day workshop to get you retirement ready.

This workshop will be tailored to you and your unique financial situation. Securing a ticket involves confidentially providing us with some key information to enable our financial advisors and wealth coaches to provide analysis of your situation, your retirement needs, savings gap and capacity to fill that gap through property investment.

The workshop will school you on all the ins and outs and how to plan for the ‘what ifs’, but we’ll also help you determine where you should buy, what you should buy - and what you should avoid.  

For those who are ambitious,we’ll give you off-market access to properties which have met our strict assessment criteria, and your financial requirements. We then do all the heavy-lifting through to settlement and securing tenants.

This is a unique opportunity to get access to all the financial advisors, wealth coaches, mortgage and tax experts from leading personal financial coaching firm, enableMe, in one place at one time – making the process of sorting your retirement as painless as possible.

Two dates are available in February 2019, but tickets are strictly limited to 50 - click here to buy tickets

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