RadioLive: Your Money - Tips to stop you sinking

October 8, 2015

Whilst we're focused on getting ahead financially here at enableMe, for a lot of people this first step in taking control of their finances is to stop sinking. Suzanne Hill and Elizabeth Blake shared lots of great money-saving tips on this week's Karen Hay show on RadioLive, including:

  • cutting back on eating out, take lunches to work, cook more at home
  • contributing to Kiwisaver
  • cancelling your home phone landline if you no longer use it
  • reviewing your levels of insurance, particularly if you've recently paid off your mortgage.
  • cancelling subscriptions to Daily Deal websites that encourage frivolous spending.

It all starts by writing down and keeping track of your spending and regular outgoings. You can listen back to the show and learn more.

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