enable.me Expansion: Enabling Better Financial Outcomes in Gisborne

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Company Updates

New Zealand’s leading financial coaching firm, enable.me, is expanding its fast-growing network into Gisborne, responding to demand following yet another year of major financial upheaval.

Covid-19 has had a heavy financial toll on many households and businesses, while others have benefited from the surge in house prices and the share market.

In both cases, it’s prompted New Zealanders to focus more attention on what they could be doing to improve their financial situation – and enable.me is at the forefront of that.  

enable.me founder Hannah McQueen says “Covid has made people realise you can’t afford to coast – everyone needs to take advantage of their opportunities to get ahead, especially amid rising interest rates and high inflation”.

McQueen says, “We’re delighted to be able to open an office in Gisborne to help locals make informed financial decisions – particularly when there’s such an obvious need right now for independent, considered and effective advice”.

enable.me has worked with thousands of New Zealanders to help them get in control of their finances, get mortgage-free fast, grow wealth, and prepare for retirement.

enable.me’s team already works with Gisborne residents remotely but will have the capacity to work with many more through the new franchise, which will be led by local financial advisor, Kobus Venter.

“Kobus is the perfect person to lead enable.me Gisborne – not only does he have 20 years of experience in the financial industry, but he’s deeply passionate about improving people’s financial knowledge and financial outcomes.”

Kobus says “My years in finance have shown me that people aren’t great at managing their money – which has a massive negative impact on their wellbeing. I’m delighted to be helping address that now with enable.me.”

Hannah McQueen will be launching enable.me Gisborne by presenting her free Financial Freedom seminar in Gisborne this February.

Wednesday February 9th, 5pm, Emerald Hotel Gisborne. Tickets are just $10 and available here.  

enable.me background:

enable.me– financial strategy & coaching was founded in 2007 by Hannah McQueen, a chartered accountant fellow, financial advisor, best-selling finance author and media commentator. enable.me now has offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Gisborne, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Southland.  enable.me specialises in helping Kiwis achieve more – getting in control of their finances, getting mortgage-free faster, growing wealth, preparing for retirement, and growing their businesses. The team includes chartered accountants, financial advisors, business coaches, insurance advisors, mortgage advisors, investment advisors, wealth coaches and property coaches.


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