Barry & Karen, Wellington

November 20, 2017

enableMe has helped us to reach a financial security we didn’t think was possible. We had tried many different ways of budgeting over the years but it was always a struggle. As professionals with 3 kids we were never in dire straits but we also could never manage to get on top of our finances, until enableMe. Our budget is now based on us… what WE want, which makes it so much easier to adhere to. Not only can we do the things we want to, we also have extra at the end of every financial year and after 13 years of renting, we once again own our own home. When our financial advisor told us we could pay off a home in 10 years we were dubious. But not only was she right, we will have it paid off in less then 6 years and our payments are less then what we paid for rent!

Thank you Pippa, Lisa, Chris, Victoria and all the team at enableMe … our only regret is not having you (and enableMe) in our lives years earlier.

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