Are You Blowing The Budget On The Basics? How to Find and Eliminate Food Fritter

October 14, 2018

Avocado, particularly served smashed and on toast, gets a lot of flak for the financial woes of millennials - but spending too much on food in general is a common culprit for consistently blowing the budget.

enableMe - Financial Personal Trainers' founder and managing director Hannah McQueen says "Otago University has been running a survey for decades on what it costs to feed a family of four (including a teenage boy!) and the resulting figure is much lower than most of my clients would spend on food throughout the week. You have to remember that your food budget isn't just what you spend at the supermarket - it includes everything - coffees, work lunches, the school tuck shop, the dairy, brunches, dinners, takeaways -the works. It's very easy to take your eye off the small, frequent purchases - but it can have a major impact on your budget and ultimately your savings".

Hannah also says "Not all fritter in your food budget is found in how much you're spending, some of it can be attributed to the amount you're wasting by simply throwing it out, because you never got round to using it or it went off before you had the chance"

McQueen and her team have been working with teens on financial literacy and the students are currently in charge of the family budget - to read more about how to do some financial and food planning with your kids and other tips making savings in your food budget, read Hannah McQueen's full Stuff column here.

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